Srirangam Architeture and sculpture

The Shrine, which faces east, lies at the western extremity of the south Akalankan prakara. It has a Garbhagriha, containing the image of Chakarattazhwaar or Sudarsana Perumal, Antarala, Pradakshina, Mukhamandapa and Mahamandapa.

The garbhagriha has a backdoor through which one can see the figure of Lord Narasimha sculptured behind the Sudarsana Chakra. The divine weapons are sometimes personified and called as the Ayudha urusas. Sudarsana Chakra or Chak arattazhwaar, in the form in which he is worshipped in important Vishnu temples in South India, is something more than an Ayudha purusha. In that form, he is. regarded as Vishnu Himself and the hakra is given a mystic significance. It is supposed to represent the original thought of Parabrahman, which expanded into space and became the universe. More popularly, Chakarattazhwaar stands for Vishnu in His ferocious aspect.

The image of Chakarathazhwaar is in outline a Chakra of the ordinary, nonpersonified form with a fearful figure of Vishnu with eight hands, standing in the centre of a Shatkona chakra consisting of two interlacing equilateral triangles. On the reverse there is the figure of a Yoga Narasimha seated on a trikona chakra.