Srirangam The God of Medicine

In the form of Dhanvantari,Vishnu is conceived as the presidirg deiry of medicine.

In the form of Dhanvantri Vishnu is Iconceived as the presiding deity of medicine.

The God of Medicine - Dhanvantri: This shrine stands on a raised platform and faces east. It has a garbhagriha, antarala, pradakshina, mukhamantapa, mahamantapa, and an outer verandah. The outer sides of the walls of the garbhagriha show niches and pilasters, the latter carrying corbels of the Vijayanagar style. The mukhamantapa has two rows of the two round pillars each again having the Vijayanagar corbels.

The mahamantapa too has four pillars as above, each consisting of In the form of Dhanvantari, Vishnu is conceived as the presidirg deity sculptures on their sides and octagonal shafts in between and corbels as above.

The outer verandah has a row of four pillars of the same type. In the form of Dhanvantari, Vishnu is conceived as the presiding deity of medicine. Images of this type are rare and shrine for Dhanvantri to the west of the Chandra puskarani in the Srirangam temple is unique. The mula bera in the sanctum is a standing image of Vishnu with four arms, the two upper hands carrying sankha and cakra, the right lower hand holding the amrita kalasa while the corresponding left hand
is in varadamudra. The image is about five feet in height. There is no utsava bera and Vimana for these deity In olden
days this shrine was the Arogyashala (Hospital for the residents of Srirangam). During Ramanuja's period, a medicine decoction (Kashaayam) was sent from this shrine to Lord Ranganatha before Aravanai (the last puja of the day).