Around Srirangam


Uthamar Koil inKarumbanur is one of the most famous shrines in 108 Vaishnavik Padalshtalam. This temple is situated eight kilometers north of Trichy Fort Station, 4 km north of Srirangam railway station. Here is the temple where the Lord Creator- Brahma, the lord for the well being of the universe - Vishnu and the destroyer of universe - Siva take their abode. This place is also known as "Kadambavanam" or "Trimurthishektram"


Shrouded in the haze of coconut palms and greenery located at Thiruvanaikaval, is the celebrated shrine dedicated to lord Shiva. Far superior in architectural design, the jambukeswaram pagoda houses one of the five great elemental lingams, viz. Shiva in his manifestation as water. The lady deity is Sri Akilandeswari the Goddess of the Universe and the whole temple complex is believed to have been glorfied by Sri Adi Sankara. The Shiva L ngam is placed under jambu tree reputed to be several hundred years old. The lingam is always surrounded by vti ater on all sides.


Distance18-km form Tichy. located between trichy-salem by pass road .The idol of this temple is called ‘Prasana Venkateshwara”, which is a sculptural form of Lord Vishnu. Famous for mental health and physiological patient’s sick remed.


Trichy Rock fort is famous for Lord Ganesh named as Uchipillaiyar temple. Temple is built on the big Relict type of mountain, 10 million years old rock. On the top of the hill we can see the entire beauty of the trichy city.


Located 30 km from Trichy on the Madurai Road: The temple of Lord Subramanya is situated on a hillock. There is also peacock sanctuary here. SAMAYAPURAM: (20 km from Trichy): This is a very important place of pilgrimage, famous for its temple dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman. ln month of Chithirai there will be a car festival and Poochoridhal will be celebrated in the month of Panguni.


Upper Anaicut (18km) : At the head of the Srirangam lsland, there is another dam called UpperAnaicut or Mukkombu which is about 685 m long. Constructed in the 19th Century across Kollidam, this dam has been forced into three section instead of one long stretch because of the shape of the island. This is also good spot for picnics.